Seed of Life a universal symbol for creation. Seeds are magic, potent vessels of nature. They hold entire intelligent blueprints for life. Found at the heart of the ancient pattern of the flower of live, there is an entire cosmology of consciousness encoded into this singular geometric seed.


The Green Onyx is one of the special soothing gemstones in Onyx family. He is associated with the Heart Chakra and the planet Mercure. He supports you to develop your public speaking ability, creativeness and also encourage you to express your feelings and thoughts. This stone creates a bridge between the upper three chakras and lower three chakras.


Green Tara

Tara origins from Buddhism and she is known as the "Mother of Liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements

Green Tara sitting on a half-open lotus, is associated with Night and she is considered active.

Green Tara is represented as a perfect young girl and is usually associated with protection from fear. The primary function of Green Tara is as the Saviouress.

Green Tara

33,00 €Preis
  • Size

    3,5 cm diameter

  • Awareness

    • Handmade with Love in pure Brass
    • 100% Nickle free
    • Fair trade
    • Eco friendly packaging


    Antara Earth Mission is to Give back

    10 % of profits of any sold Item goes towards charities and institutions supporting our planet and the beings living here!

    • ​Helping & lifting each other up
    • Supporting & raising Awareness

    Feeling home in different cultures we will choose projects catching our awareness and where we feel its most needed right now.


    ​Please check here for more details


    We are open for recommendations!

    If you know of any beautiful supportive project who needs urgent support feel free to contact us here

  • Necklace

    With this Pendant you can choose a Necklace for only 1 Euro additionally


    Wood = 92 cm

    Brass short = 42 cm

    Brass medium = 65 cm

    Brass long = 95cm


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