Dark mother and Goddess of death and destruction. She represents our worst fears and the freedom that we gain when we conquer them.


The inverted triangle is a symbol of the divine feminine.

This symbol presents the tap root of primal power, sexual power.

Inverted triangles are also seen in the root chakra (Muladhara), in the solar plexus (Manipura), heart (Anahata), throat (Vishudha) and third eye (Ajna) chakras.

An inverted triangle is a geometrical representation of the heart.

Upside-down triangles also represent the element of water which is deeply connected to the feminine.


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  • Sizes

    3 cm x 5 cm

  • Awareness

    • Handmade with love in pure brass
    • 100% nickle free
    • Fair trade
    • Eco friendly packaging


    Antara Earth Mission is to give back

    10 %  of profits of any sold Item goes towards charities and institutions supporting our planet and the beings living here!

    • ​Helping & lifting each other up  
    • Supporting & raising Awareness

    Feeling home in different cultures we will choose projects catching our awareness and

    where we feel its most needed right now.

    ​Please check here for more details 


    We are open for recommendations!

    If you know of any beautiful supportive project who needs urgent support feel free to contact us here 

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