A priestess is a woman who officiates in sacred rites. 
Long ago the priestesses in communities carefully observed the patterns and rhythms of Nature. Attuning to earth’s cycles, they honored the Great Mother by performing sacred seasonal rituals. Women, seen as an embodiment of the Great Mother, were deeply revered, honored and celebrated for, like the earth, a woman too was able to grow life within her. Later in history, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian priestesses lived in holy temples. They, too, worshiped the Great Mother, the Goddess in Her many forms. They served the spiritual needs of the community as well and were also held in high esteem.

Today, in the midst of a two-thousand-year period of patriarchy, a modern-day priestess is emerging. She brings to present times richly-steeped ancient wisdom, integrating past spiritual teachings with a few spins of her own.

She holds within a deep moon-water essence, and her mission is to help bring into fruition the vital life-force energy of the almost forgotten Divine Feminine.

A modern-day priestess instead directs her energy to restoring a natural, harmonious balance between the genders and All That Is. Weaving her fluid moon-water essence with the energies of the fixed sun-fire masculine, she helps re-birth Sacred Union.


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  • Size

    US 6 - 12mm diameter

    US7.5 - 15 mm diameter


    US 8 - 16,5 mm diameter

  • Awareness

    • Handmade with love in pure brass
    • 100% nickel free
    • Fairtrade
    • Eco-friendly packaging


    Antara Earth Mission is to give back

    10 % of profits of any sold Item goes towards charities and institutions supporting our planet and the beings living here!

    • Helping & lifting each other up 
    • Supporting & raising awareness

    Feeling home in different cultures we will choose projects catching our awareness and where we feel its most needed right now.

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    We are open for recommendations!

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