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🌹Sacred Body Awakening🌹

A ceremonial weekend for women in the beautiful Swiss mountains

You matter more than you think.
You are a very important element in the creation of the new earth and a higher consciousness.

But for you to really step into your power as the great creatrix that you are - you need to remember who you are.This is a beautiful opportunity for you to reconnect your body, heart and soul with The Divine Feminine and to reactivate all the information that is dwelling within your DNA. It is time for a rebirth. To fully arrive in this body and being received by the soft loving hands of your sisters while the energy of The Divine Feminine flows into every cell of your body and cleans out all stagnated energy, revitalizes you, and awakens the intrinsic remembrance of what it means to be deeply connected with and guided by The Divine Feminine. Owning the full potential of being a woman and the magic of your sacred womb.

Sacred Body Awakening is an ancient temple ritual where we work with the energy of The Divine Feminine in meditation, prayer and massage. You work together 3 and 3. Two women perform the ritual and one receives.

There will be an activation of your "Womb space" which is much more than your physical uterus (you do not need it, in order to exploit the potential of your "Womb space"). This is your powerhouse, your greatest gift as a woman. And the connection between your Womb, your Heart and your Soul will be strengthened so that you again have full access to the feminine power that is your birthright.

For a VERY long time women have been collectively silenced. It is deeply encoded in us. So this weekend we will clear the energetic blockages and go on a shamanic Voice Retrieval, so the voice of women will rise again. The world needs our wisdom!

Ancient Temple Massage Ritual from the Isis Temple
Mary Magdalene Initiation
Womb Blessing
Voice Retrieval
Kundalini Yoga
Sauna Yurt
Sisterhood & Love
Beautiful surroundings
Delicious vegetarian food

Timiann Melissa Olsen's great passion is transformational relationships, conscious sexuality and restoring the balance between the feminine and masculine in its highest and purest form.

It is from Anaiya Sophia that Timiann has learned Sacred Body Awakening. Anaiya Sophia lives in Southern France and teaches the mysteries of Mary Magdalene

Bhadra Ma Prem
Sign up:
Whatsapp: 0767859585

Early Bird: 455 Chf
Regular Price: 490 Chf

The Early Bird ends on 21th August
Pay half to secure your spot and pay the rest by sept 15th

This price includes accommodation in 2-4 person bedrooms + vegetarian food

Bank / 0890 / Account nr. 2169882 or
IBAN: DK5308900002169882 SWIFT/BIC: HANDDKKK or
Dont forget to write your name on the payment and send a mail to so we can send you further info.


Galleli Retreat Center

- in the amazing nature reserve of Entlebuch -

6182 Escholzmatt/LU

Escholzmatt is easy to reach with public transport. There is a pathway from the Train station to Galleli which will take 8 min. There would be also an option to be picked up on the Train station.

On this website you can check public transports/english/german

The closest airports are Bern, Zürich, Geneve, Basel

If you need any further informations don't hesitate to contact us!

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